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Rocky Scratch

Rocky Scratch

Game Description

The Rocky series of films are just as popular today as ever and this exciting scratch card brings you all of your favourite characters. As you reveal the symbols you will come across characters such as Rocky, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang. Choose who Rocky is to fight and you could win up to 5000x times your bet.

Rocky Scratch

How to Play

As with all scratch cards, Rocky Scratch is a very simple game to play, but hugely enjoyable nonetheless. First, you need to set how much you want to bet on a card and then click on ‘Play’ to start the game.

You will then be asked to choose from three of Rocky’s opponents: Apollo Creed – The Master of Disaster, Ivan Drago – The Siberian Bull, and Clubber Lang – The Southside Slugger. After choosing one, you will see a short clip from the films of Rocky facing them in the ring. If Rocky successfully knocks them out then you will win the amount displayed next to the scratch card.

The game also has Auto Play functionality. This will allow you to set up to fifty cards in play. They are played one at a time and you can simply sit back and watch Rocky take on a stream of opponents, hopefully winning you some big payouts at the same time.


The game offers payouts of X1, X2, X3, X5, X10, X20, X50, X100, X200 and X5000 the cost of the card. A random value is assigned to each card when you begin playing it.