Welcome to the Casino Las Vegas Blackjack blog. Here you will find a huge range of informative articles that will teach you everything you could possibly need to know about Blackjack. Whether you are a complete beginner looking to get started with the game or you are an expert player who is looking to refine their strategy and pick up some advanced tips, you are sure to find plenty of articles that fit the bill. 

Get to Grip with the Rules

One of the reasons why so many people love Blackjack is because it is a very simple game to learn. The rules for playing blackjack are not complicated and they can be mastered in just a few minutes. Here you will find articles that take you through the rules with very easy to understand explanations, and it really will not take you long to get to grips with them.

However, if you have been looking at Blackjack games, you have probably realised that there are a huge number of variants, and the differences between them is not always clear. Here we have articles that will explain to you simply and clearly just what separates Vegas Blackjack from Atlantic City Blackjack from European Blackjack and so on.

There is no denying that some of the differences can be extremely subtle, but our blog posts will make sure that you understand just what they are and ensure you feel confident that you have fully grasped the rules and terminology whenever you sit down to play.

Understand the Different Forms of the Game

It isn’t just the different variants that you should be aware of, but also the different forms the game can take online and offline. For instance, Blackjack tournaments have become extremely popular, but it you have never taken part in one, then they can seem a bit daunting.

Here not only will you find articles that explain all the different forms of tournament play, but also articles that give you tips on how to maximise your chances of success.

Hone Your Strategy

Of course, the main attraction of Blackjack is the existence of a basic strategy. This is a mathematically proven strategy that when followed correctly significantly reduces the house edge and increases player returns.

While this may sound complicated, the good news is that you do not need to understand the mathematics behind the strategy in order to use it. Here on our blog, you will find a huge number of articles to help you get to grips with Blackjack strategies and how to make the most of them.

For instance, if you are a casual player then it is unlikely that you will want to devote hours to memorising strategy charts. If that is the case, then here you will find articles that highlight the important bits and give you the information you need to start playing more efficiently and with minimal effort.

On the other hand, if you are a serious player then you will probably want to master the strategy completely. If that is you, then here you will find a huge number of articles that appeal. We have loads of tips for you on how to practise using the strategy, and even on how to memorise it so that you are not continually referring back to strategy cards and charts.

You will also find plenty of articles that discuss other aspects of Blackjack strategy, and no matter what type of player you are, they are sure to contain some helpful insights. Blackjack is one of the very few casino games where a strategy exists that can really swing things in your favour. Make sure you take advantage of this. It won’t take you long to read our blog posts and that little time spent could make a big impact on your winnings.

Boost Your Play Both Online and Offline

While Casino Las Vegas may be an online casino and we hope that our members spend many enjoyable hours playing Blackjack here, we also want to help you have more fun playing Blackjack offline, whether in a land casino or at home with friends.

Newcomers to the game may not realise that there is more than meets the eye to choosing a Blackjack table in a casino. If you are planning your first visit to a land casino, then be sure to explore our articles as we have plenty of tips for you that will help you have even more fun. From understanding what kind of tables to look out for to how to spot the differences between them and some basic casino etiquette, our blog posts are absolutely packed with information that is sure to come in handy.

If you are planning to play some Blackjack at home and you want to impress your friends with your professionalism, then you are certainly in the right place. We have blog posts that will help you learn how to become a truly professional Blackjack dealer. Combined with all the information on rules and strategy we have to offer, you will soon sound like a genuine Blackjack authority.

Check for Updates

We work hard to bring you helpful Blackjack articles as often as possible. Be sure to check the blog regularly, even if you are a highly experienced Blackjack player, as you never know what little tip could help improve your play and lead to bigger winnings.