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How To Download And Install Casino Las Vegas

It won’t take long before you are able to play the best in online casino games from Casino Las Vegas. We’ll walk you through the steps and you will be set to play in minutes.  If your download hasn’t begun by the time you have finished reading this sentence,  here.

Step 1
After the software has downloaded please click on ‘Run' when prompted as shown below and this will start the installation process. Step 1
Step 2
The casino installation will then begin and you will see the screen displayed below. After reading the license agreement click on ‘Accept & Install'. Step 2
Step 3
After the casino software has been installed on your computer you need to create an account by filling in the information requested (as in the form below). Then accept the ‘Privacy Policy' and choose whether to receive special offers via email before clicking on ‘Create Account'. If you already have a web account click on "I already have an account" and you can start to play. Step 3
Step 4
That's it, you're ready to play. You will see the screen below and can click on ‘Continue' to start playing immediately or wait for the software to open automatically. Step 4