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Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts - Progressive

Game Description

If you enjoy the occasional game of darts, or simply like watching it, then Jackpot Darts is bound to appeal. It is an arcade game based upon the sport that gives you the chance to win some huge payouts including a progressive jackpot. The game is very simple to play but can provide you with hours of fun and hopefully plenty of winnings.

Jackpot Darts - Progressive

How To Play

The good news is that you don’t need any skill to play Jackpot Darts. You will see the traditional dartboard, complete with a scoreboard to the left of it. To the right of the dartboard is a menu of different betting options and a large button labelled ‘Throw’.

The aim of the game is very simple, you just need to predict the outcome of one round of darts. As in the sport, a round consists of three dart throws.

The game has numerous betting options. The most straightforward bets are Singles, Triples and Doubles. These are bets on how many darts will land on single, double or triple number positions. You can also bet on how many darts will land in the Outer Bull or the Bullseye sections.

There are also a series of bets on score ranges. You can bet on Lo, Mid or Hi, which are bets on total scores of 3 – 38, 39 – 31 and 42 – 180 respectively. You can also bet on 1 – 20 singles, this is a bet that at least one dart will hit the single area of a certain segment.

With each round of darts, it is possible to place up to four bets in addition to the progressive jackpot bet so there are plenty of chances to win.


To play for the progressive jackpot you will first need to opt into the jackpot game, just click on the ‘Jackpot’ option to the right of the board. You will then win the jackpot if all three of the darts land in the bullseye or the outer ring. If just one of the darts lands in the correct area then you win a generous payout of 200x your bet and if two darts land in the correct area you will win a huge payout of 2,000x your bet.