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MegaBall - Progressive

MegaBall - Progressive

Game Description

MegaBall is a lottery style game that offers eight different types of bet that you can place on a lottery draw of six balls. It is a fast paced game that gives you plenty of chances to win in each round and with a bit of luck you could win a huge progressive jackpot.

MegaBall - Progressive

How To Play

When you open the game you will have sixty seconds to place your bets before a draw takes place. You then have another sixty seconds to place your bets before the next draw and the game continues this way for as long as you play. The bets are as follows:

  • Jackpot– This is a very straightforward bet. Simply pick five numbers and if all five of them are drawn then the jackpot is yours.
  • Colours – The balls drawn will be coloured red, yellow or blue. You can bet on how many balls of each colour are drawn.
  • Cocktail– This bet gives you the choice of one or two cocktails. A single cocktail is a draw containing at least one ball of each colour and a double cocktail is a draw containing two balls of each colour.
  • Sixth – This is a very simple bet. You can choose to bet on the colour or the number of the sixth ball drawn.
  • Steps – This is a bet on whether the balls drawn will be in ascending or descending order.
  • Numbers – This bet allows you to choose up to four numbers.
  • First & Last – This bet is on whether the first ball will be higher in value than the last or vice versa.
  • Total – This bet is on the sum of all the balls.


Of course, the top payout is won from the progressive jackpot bet. However, the other types of bet give you the chance to win huge payouts.

  • The Colours bet offers payouts ranging from x2.70 for correctly picking two balls up to x1450 if you correctly pick all six balls.
  • The Cocktail bet offers payouts of x1.20 for a Single Cocktail and x6.70 for a Double Cocktail.
  • The Sixth bet offers payouts of x2.85 for a colour bet and x45 for a number bet.
  • The Steps bet pays a generous x680 if you choose correctly.
  • The Numbers bet pays x7.60 for one number, x71 for two, x820 for three, and, x12,300 for four.
  • The First & Last bet pays at x1.90
  • The Total bet’s payouts range from x2.75 for 101 to 140 right up to x5200 for 251 or above.