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Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Game Description 

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland will take you down the rabbit hole where you will meet a host of characters from Lewis Carroll’s novel together with a lively chat host who will guide you on your journey. As you play you will have the chance to win big from special Wonder Spins, you can play a Magical Dice bonus, and benefit from special Mystery spins.  

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

How to Play 

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland is packed with features, but it is a very simple game to play. There are only seven possible betting positions, 1, 2, 5, 10, Magic Dice, 2 Wonderspins, or 5 Wonderspins. You need to place your chips on the relevant betting area, and then the big wheel is spun. 

There are 54 segments on the wheel, 46 of them contain numbers, 2 contain Mystery, 2 contain Magic Dice, 3 contain 2 Wonderspins and 1 contains 5 Wonderspins. If it lands on a number then winning players receive a payout and the round is over. If it lands on Magic Dice then those players who have placed a bet on it enter the bonus game. If it lands on Mystery then one of two bonuses are triggered. If the result is 2 Wonderspins or 5 Wonderspins then those who have placed the appropriate bets enter the bonus round.  

If you enter the Wonderspins round, you will play the bonus wheel game. The bonus wheel has two sections, an inner and outer wheel. Essentially, the inner wheel spins first to award a multiplier, and then this is added to the default multiplier of a character from the outer wheel. The outer wheel is then spun; if it lands on a character then the Wonderspins bet is multiplied by the character’s multiplier. If it lands on Eat Me or Drink Me, then 30% is either added or removed from the multiplier value respectively.  

If the Mystery game is triggered, then either the Card Soldiers’ Mystery Bet Multiplier is triggered or the Caterpillar’s Mystery Free Spin Multiplier. In the Card Soldiers’ Mystery Bet Multiplier, you need to pick a card suit to reveal a soldier and a random multiplier that can be anything from x2 up to x10. Your bet is then subject to the multiplier. In the Caterpillar’s Mystery Free Spin Multiplier the Caterpillar will reveal a random multiplier of up to x8, which is then applied to the game’s main wheel and it is then spun again.  

If you enter the Magic Dice Mini Game then you will see two physical dice, a red one and a white one, being rolled. First, you need to choose if you are going to follow the red dice or the white dice. Then you see the game grid of 4 rows and 6 columns. At the bottom of each column is a dice value from 1 to 6. The aim is to move up row by row to the top and your path is decided by the dice value after a shake. For example, if the result of the dice is 1, you move to a tile on the leftmost column. You can land on multiplier tiles, Move Up tiles, or Move Up and Apply Multiplier x2 (this moves you up one row and applies the multiplier to the next one that you land on).  


A bet on the number 1 pays 1:1, number 2 pays 2:1, number 5 pays 5:1, and number 10 pays 10:1. In the bonus games, it is possible to win multipliers of up to 100 times your bet, and the game has payouts capped at €500,000.