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Live Casino Hold'em

Live Casino Hold'em

Game Description

Live Casino Hold’em is a variation of five-card poker played with a real dealer at a real Casino Hold’em table. The action is streamed to you in high definition complete with live audio to create the most authentic and immersive experience possible. You can take on our dealers and put your card skills to the test, and with a bit of luck, with some huge payouts.

Live Casino Hold'em

How To Play

The aim of the game is to form the best five-card poker hand possible by combining your two cards with a five-card flop. First, you need to place your Ante bet. You will then be dealt two face-up cards and the dealer will receive two facedown cards.

Three card are then dealt to the flop. If your cards combined with the flop make a poker hand then it will be displayed to you. You then need to decide whether to Call and continue playing against the dealer or to Fold and lose your bet. If you Call then a bet equal to twice your Ante bet is placed and the final two cards are dealt to the flop.

The dealer’s cards are then revealed and the best possible poker hands are calculated for you and the dealer. The person with the better hand wins. The dealer must have at least a pair of 4s to qualify, if this is not the case, your Call bet is returned and your Ante bet pays according to the pay table. If the dealer qualifies and you win, your Ante bet pays according to the pay table and your Call bet pays even money.

Live Casino Hold’em uses the regular types of poker hand and each offers a different payout. A Straight or lower pays out at 1:1, a Flush pays out at 2:1, a Full House pays 3:1, 4 of a Kind pays 10:1, a straight flush pays 20:1 and a Royal Flush pays 100:1.

Features and Side Bets

After placing the Ante bet it is possible to place a side bet known as the AA side bet. This bet is on your first two cards and the first three flop cards forming a hand and it pays out at a better rate than the Ante bet. A Straight or lower pays out at 7:1, a Flush pays out at 20:1, a Full House pays 30:1, 4 of a Kind pays 40:1, a straight flush pays 50:1 and a Royal Flush pays 100:1.