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Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger

Game Description 

Live Dragon Tiger is a game that is very similar to Baccarat, but much simpler to learn. It is played with a professional and friendly dealer, and all of the action is streamed to you in high definition. As you place your bets, you can chat with your fellow players and enhance your experience with a number of roadmap scorecards and side bets that can produce huge payouts.  

Live Dragon Tiger

How To Play 

Live Dragon Tiger is played with eight decks of cards shuffled into a shoe. The game is very simple. Players are simply betting on which position, the Dragon or the Tiger, will be dealt the higher value card. It is also possible to bet on a Tie. 

Players simply need to place their bets, together with any side bets that interest them, in the allocated betting period. When it is over, the dealer burns the top card from the shoe before dealing one card to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. The cards are then revealed simultaneously and any winning bets are paid out.  

Both the Dragon and Tiger bets offer payouts of 1:1 and a winning Tie bet pays out 10:1.  

Features and Side Bets 

For each of the positions (Dragon and Tiger) there are four side bets available, the Big, Small, Odd and Even. The Big side bet is on the position’s card being an 8 or higher. The Small bet is on the position’s card being a 6 or lower. The Odd side bet is on the position’s card being an A, 3, 5, 9, J or K and the Even side bet is on the position’s card being a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or Q. All four of these side bets pay at 1:1. Players can place as many of them as they wish and there is no requirement to place the main bets.  

Those who enjoy trying to spot patterns and trends in the cards will be helped by the inclusion of five roadmap scorecards. The Bead Road, the Big Road, the Big Eye Road, the Small Road and the Cockroach Road are all displayed by default along the bottom of the screen and they can be zoomed in on just by clicking on them. Each of the roadmaps marks the game results in a slightly different way to help players find different types of patterns. While they can appear complicated at first, there is a clear explanation of each of them in the game’s rules.