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Live Elevation Roulette

Live Elevation Roulette

Game Description 

If you have always wanted to play in a luxury casino set high in the sky with stunning views of the city around you then Live Elevation Roulette is the right game for you. The game is broadcast you in high definition allowing you to enjoy a view over the River Themes while playing a game of European Roulette. The croupiers are true professionals who ensure a lively atmosphere at the table while the game offers all the features a play could possibly need.  

Live Elevation Roulette

How To Play 

Live Elevation Roulette is played according to the normal rules of European Roulette. This means that it is centred on the spinning roulette wheel that is divided into 37 numbered segments, from 0 to 36. A croupier releases a ball into the wheel and players simply need to bet on which numbered segment it will stop on.  

However, it is possible to bet on far more than just individual numbers. The numbers on the wheel are not consecutive and furthermore, they are coloured alternating red and black (except for 0, which is green). At the same time, the betting area has a very specific layout. This creates a huge amount of betting flexibility. Players are able to bet on groups of numbers. There are two types of groups, those formed by numbers that share characteristics, such as all the odd or black numbers, and those formed by the layout of the wheel/betting area.  

Therefore, there are many different types of bet and it is important to be familiar with all of them: 

  • Straight Up: A bet on an individual number. 
  • Split Bet: A bet on two adjacent numbers on the betting area. 
  • Street Bet: A bet on three numbers in a vertical line (a street) on the betting area. 
  • Corner Bet: A bet on four numbers that meet on the betting area. 
  • Four Bet: A bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3. 
  • Line Bet: A bet on six numbers, two streets that are adjacent to one another on the betting area.  
  • Column Bet: A bet on the twelve numbers in any horizontal line on the betting area. 
  • Dozen Bet: A bet on the first, second or third group of 12 numbers (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36).  
  • Red/Black Bet: A bet on the ball landing on a particular colour. 
  • Even/Odd Bet: A bet on all the even or odd numbers. 
  • Low/High Bet: A bet on whether the ball will land on a low or high number (1 – 18 or 19 – 36).  

Using these standard bets, players are able to build betting patterns that cover a large percentage of the wheel. These patterns can involve numerous chips, so there is a separate Racetrack betting area that is used to place the most common of them quickly and easily:  

  • Voisins du Zero: A bet on the neighbours of 0 on the wheel, it includes every number between 22 and 25.  
  • Tier: A bet on the area of the wheel opposite 0, the bet covers about a third of the wheel between 33 and 27.  
  • Orphelins: A bet on the numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.  
  • Neighbours: A bet on five numbers that are next to one another on the wheel.  

Live Elevation Roulette offers the standard payouts. It pays 35:1 for Straight Up, 17:1 for Split, 11:1 for Street, 8:1 for Corner, 5:1 for Line, 2:1 for Column/Dozen, and 1:1 for Red/Black, Even/Odd, and 1-18/19-36.  


Live Elevation Roulette has a number of shortcuts to make it easy to place Final and Complete Bets. These are special types of bets as explained below:  

  • Final Bet: This is a bet on all the numbers that have the same last number. For example, a final bet on the number 2 would place chips on 2, 12, 22 and 32.  
  • Complete Bet: This covers all the betting positions associated with a certain number. The covered Complete Bets betting positions are Straight Bet, Split Bet, Corner Bet, Street Bet and Line Bet. 
  • Half-Complete Bet: This covers the same betting positions as the Complete bets, but without the Street and Line Bets.  
  • Neighbours: This is a bet on a number and the two numbers either side of it on the roulette wheel. The bet requires five chips and they are all placed as straight bets.  

Those who are interested in statistics can view hot and cold areas of the wheel based upon the previous 100, 200, 500 or 1000 rounds. It is also possible to see what percentage of rounds ended with Black/Red/Even/Odd/1-18/19-36/1st 12/2nd 12/3rd 12/1st Col/2nd Col/3rd Col/Tier/Orphelins/Voisins/Zero.  

If you enjoy using complicated betting patterns then you can use the Bet Creator to save your favourite bets and then place them with ease in the future, saving you having to position the chips with every round. There is also a Lucky Dip option that will place a random number of Straight Up bets.