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Live HiLo

Live HiLo

Game Description

Live Hi-Lo is a simple game that can provide you with hours of fun and a huge amount of winnings. All you have to do is guess whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the previous. As you play, you can interact with our live dealers who are streamed live to you in high-definition, chat with your fellow players, and enjoy the authentic casino atmosphere.

Live HiLo

How To Play

Live Hi-Lo is played with six decks of cards. At the start of a round, the dealer will place a card face-up on the table. You then need to place your bet on what you think the next card will be.

There are three basic bets, Higher, Snap and Lower. Next to each bet the odds are shown, and these will vary depending on the first card shown. For instance, if a 9 is drawn then the payout will be larger for Higher than for Lower. However, Snap always offers payouts of 12.06 times the bet amount, and this is the game’s highest payout.

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer will burn three cards and then reveals the result card. Payouts are then awarded, the burnt cards are returned to the deck, and the result card becomes the base card for the next round.

Features and Side Bets

In order to make the game a bit more interesting, there are a number of betting options beyond Higher, Snap and Lower. You can also bet on the result card being an Ace, Ace or King, Black, Red, 2 to 5, 6 to 9, and J to A. These offered fixed payouts. Ace will payout 11.56 times the bet amount, Ace or King pays out 5.78x, Black and Red both payout 1.92x, and the three range bets can all payout 2.89x.

After a round, you can choose to leave your winnings as bets or collect them. There are two buttons for this, Collect All and Collect Some. The Collect All button collects all of your winnings while the Collect Some button will collect at least 10% of them, based upon the smallest available chip value.

The game also gives you the ability to tip your dealer if you think they are doing a particularly good job.