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Live Soirée Elite Blackjack

Live Soirée Elite BlackJack

Game Description 

Live Soirée Elite Blackjack is the ultimate high roller VIP Experience. The game takes place in a stunning environment that is streamed in high definition. The tables come with a number of perks, such as the ability to request a dealer change, while the game itself offers everything you may need, including two exciting side bets.  

Live Soirée Elite BlackJack

How To Play 

Live Soirée Elite Blackjack follows the standard rules. It is played with an eight deck shoe and the aim of the game is for players to build a hand that has a value as close to 21 as possible but without going over 21, which is known as going bust. A player wins if their hand is closer in value to 21 than the dealer’s is at the end of a round.  

In Blackjack, Aces are worth 1 or 11, Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10 and the number cards are worth their face values. This means that 21 can be formed with just two cards, an Ace and a 10 card, and this is known as Blackjack. It is the strongest possible hand and it beats all others, including those worth 21 but with more than two cards. Theoretically, a player can build a hand of 10 cards without going bust, this is called a 10 Card Charlie and it beats all hands except Blackjack. 

At the start of a round players need to place their main bet together with any side bets if they so wish. Each player then receives two face-up cards and the dealer receives one face-up and one facedown. When it comes to a player’s turn, there are three main options, Stand, Hit and Double. If a player Stands then the hand remains as it is and play moves on, if the player Hits then an additional card is dealt to the hand (it may then be possible to Hit again), and if a player Doubles they will double their bet, one more card is dealt to the hand and then play moves on.  

The dealer plays after all the players. The dealer must draw more cards until the hand is worth at least 16 and stand as soon as the hand is worth 17 or more.  

All winning hands are then paid out at 1:1, except for Blackjack, which pays out at a more generous 3:2. If a player ties with the dealer then the bet is returned as a push. 


Live Soirée Elite Blackjack allows players to Split. This means that if a player’s first two cards have the same value then they can be separated into two hands by placing a second bet equal to the first. The hands are then played as regular hands, but there are a couple of important rules. If a player splits Aces then only one more card is dealt to each hand. A split hand cannot form Blackjack. Instead, an Ace and a 10 card will count as 21. It is not possible to Split a split hand, but Double is available.  

The game also offers Insurance against the dealer having Blackjack if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. Insurance costs half of the main bet and if the dealer does have Blackjack then is pays at 2:1, which means that no money is lost on that hand.  

Unique to the Live Soirée Elite Blackjack tables, players can request for the shoe to be changed. It is also possible to request a change of dealer every half an hour or to request that the current dealer remain in place.  

There are seven seats at each Live Soirée Elite Blackjack table. If all the seats are taken then players may use the Bet Behind feature. This allows players to bet on a seated player’s hand but not to make any decisions. It is possible to Bet Behind multiple players simultaneously and it is also possible to Bet Behind other players when seated at a table.  

Live Soirée Elite Blackjack also offers two side bets, the 21+3 and the Perfect Pairs. The 21+3 side bet wins if the player’s first two cards combine with the dealer’s face-up card to form a poker hand. It pays out as follows: a Suited Three of a Kind pays out at 100:1, a Straight Flush pays out at 40:1, Three of a Kind pays out at 30:1, a Straight pays out at 10:1 and a Flush pays out at 5:1. 

The Perfect Pairs side bet wins if the player’s first two cards form one of three kinds of pairs, a Perfect Pair, a Coloured Pair or a Red/Black Pair. A Perfect Pair is two identical cards and it pays out at 25:1, a Coloured Pair is two cards that have the same colour and value but come from different suits and it pays out at 12:1, a Red/Black pair is two cards that have the same value but different suits and colours and it pays out at 6:1.