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Live Spin a Win

Live Spin a Win

Game Description

Live Spin a Win is a wheel of fortune style game. It is played with a big multi-coloured wheel that is divided into 53 segments. The segments are home to numbers or multipliers, and if you bet correctly then you can win huge payouts. At the same time, you can try to win more with some exciting side bets, and enjoy the fantastic social atmosphere created by our friendly dealers while chatting with your fellow players.

Live Spin a Win

How To Play

Live Spin a Win is very easy to play. All you need to do is bet on which number the wheel will come to stop on. The wheel has 53 segments, but features just six numbers.

You can bet on individual numbers or multiple numbers. At the start of a round just click on the numbers you want to bet on and any side bets that you want to place. When the timer runs out the wheel will spin and you can watch as it gradually comes to a stop. You can place up to nine individual bets per round.

As mentioned, there are six numbers on the wheel, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. However, each number appears a different number of times. Number 1 appears 23 times, number 2 appears 15 times, number 5 appears 7 times, number 10 appears 3 times, number 20 appears twice, and number 40 appears once. There are also a couple of multiplier segments with 2x and 7x on them.

As the numbers appear a different number of times, they each offer a different payout. Number 1 pays out 1:1, number 2 pays out 2:1, number 5 pays out 5:1, number 10 pays out 10:1, number 20 pays out 20:1, and number 40 offers the top payout of 40:1.

If the wheel stops on a multiplier segment then your initial bet is kept live for the next spin and the multiplier value is then applied to the next spin. It is also possible for a number of consecutive multipliers to land and if this happens then the payouts can be huge.

Features and Side Bets

The game has three side bets that you can place on their own or alongside the main bets. You can bet on odd numbers, which pays 0.75:1, even numbers, which pays 1.25:1, and multipliers, which pays 25:1. There are 30 odd numbers and 21 even numbers on the wheel, which is why the payouts are slightly different.

As you play the game, you can have a great time interacting with our presenters and your fellow players. It makes playing a truly social experience, and you will feel like you are taking part in a television gameshow.