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Live Spread Bet Roulette

Live Spread Bet Roulette

Game Description

Live Spread Bet Roulette elevates the traditional European Roulette game a whole new level. The Roulette wheel has a special inner wheel, they spin together and you can place spread bets on the total of the two wheels and win up to 400 times your bet. The action is streamed to you in high definition and the games are expertly run by our professional croupiers ensuring that you have the best time possible.

Live Spread Bet Roulette

How To Play

In general Live Spread Bet Roulette is played in exactly the same was as regular European Roulette. The game features a standard Roulette wheel with 37 numbered segments (0 to 36 inclusive), with the segments coloured red or black (except for 0, which is green). A ball is released into the spinning wheel and you need to bet on where it will come to rest.

However, Live Spread Bet Roulette also features a special golden inner wheel that also contains the numbers 0 to 36. This wheel provides you with many more betting options and makes the game even more exciting.

The game features the standard Roulette betting area and a Racetrack betting area where you can place all of the standard Roulette bets.

  • Straight Up: A bet on an individual number.
  • Split Bet: A bet on two adjacent numbers on the betting area.
  • Street Bet: A bet on three numbers in a vertical line (a street) on the betting area.
  • Corner Bet:A bet on four numbers that meet on the betting area.
  • Four Bet: A bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3.
  • Line Bet:A bet on six numbers, two streets that are adjacent to one another on the betting area.
  • Column Bet: A bet on the twelve numbers in any horizontal line on the betting area.
  • Dozen Bet:A bet on the first, second or third group of 12 numbers (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36).
  • Red/Black Bet:A bet on the ball landing on a particular colour.
  • Even/Odd Bet: A bet on all the even or odd numbers.
  • Low/High Bet: A bet on whether the ball will land on a low or high number (1 – 18 or 19 – 36).

The second betting area, known as a Racetrack, allows you to place some standard, but complex, betting patterns very quickly:

  • Voisins du Zero:A bet on the neighbours of 0 on the wheel, it includes every number between 22 and 25.
  • Tier: A bet on the area of the wheel opposite 0, the bet covers about a third of the wheel between 33 and 27.
  • Orphelins: A bet on the numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.

You can also place Final and Complete Bets.

  • Final Bet:This is a bet on all the numbers that have the same last number. For example, a final bet on the number 4 would place chips on 4, 14, 24 and 34.
  • Complete Bet:This covers all the betting positions associated with a certain number. The covered Complete Bets betting positions are Straight Bet, Split Bet, Corner Bet, Street Bet and Line Bet.
  • Half-Complete Bet:This covers the same betting positions as the Complete bets, but without the Street and Line Bets.
  • Neighbours:This is a bet on a number and the two numbers either side of it on the roulette wheel. The bet requires five chips and they are all placed as straight bets. For instance a neighbours bet on 16 would place a chip on 5, 24, 16, 33 and 1.

Special Features and Payouts

As mentioned, Live Spread Bet Roulette has a second golden wheel and this is what makes the game exciting. It gives you the chance to place Spread Bets. This is a bet on the sum of the numbers from the regular wheel and the golden wheel. There are a number of ranges that you can bet on, 0 – 1, 2 – 11, 12 – 18, 19 – 33, 34 – 54, 55 – 67 and 68 – 72. For example, if the ball lands on 12 on the regular wheel and 5 on the golden wheel then the total is 17 and you would win if you had bet on the 12 – 18 group.

These spread bets have their own payouts. The range 0 – 1 pays out at 400:1, 2 – 11 pays out at 15:1, 12 – 18 pays out at 10:1, 19 – 33 pays out at 2:1, 34 – 54 pays out at 1:1, 55 – 67 pays out at 7:1 and 68 – 72 pays out at 80:1.

The standard bets offer the regular payouts, a Straight Up pays at 35:1, Split pays at 17:1, Street pays at 11:1, Corner/Four pays at 8:1, Line pays at 5:1, Column/Dozen pays at 2:1, 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12 pay at 2:1, and Low, High, Red, Black, Even and Odd all pay at 1:1.