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New Table and Slot Games

At Casino Las Vegas we are extremely proudof our huge collection of games, but that does not mean that we are resting onour laurels and letting it stagnate. We are continually working to expand thecollection to make sure that our players can enjoy the latest and best casinogaming.

Our games catalogue covers all types ofgames. Whether you are looking for the classic card and table games, slotmachines ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative, arcade gamesto relax with, video poker games to test your skills with, or anything else, wehave got it on offer. All of these categories are continually growing so thatyou have something new to discover. Just keep a close eye on this page and youcan be sure of never missing out of on our latest releases. Better yet, thereare often promotions tied to our latest games, so you may have the opportunityto try them for free or earn extra loyalty points when playing them.

Of course, the category with the mostfrequent new releases is slots. This is because the games can take so manyforms and be based upon many different themes. There is an amazing array ofthemes already available at the casino and it is expanding all the time.However, you should not just be looking for new themes. Many of our new slotshave exciting and innovative bonus features that not only give you the chanceto win more, but also develop the themes in interesting ways. Of course, thelatest slots all have cutting-edge graphics, which makes them extremelyexciting, and we also release new progressive jackpot slots that offerlife-changing wins, so if you are a slots fan be sure to check back regularlyand try all of our latest games.

While the majority of our games may beslots, this in no way means that card and table game players are neglected. Weare continually working to expand our collection of games such as Blackjack,Roulette, Baccarat and Casino Poker. Of course, the basis of these games doesnot really change, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be new innovativefeatures on the side. For instance, you will find new Blackjack games withexciting side bets that can lead to huge payouts. Similarly, new versions ofRoulette come out that add exciting twists on the game such as spread betting,progressive jackpots, and more. If you are a fan of the casino classics thenkeep an eye out for the new releases, as they are sure to give you a newperspective on some old favourites. 

You will find many games beyond slots and card andtable tables at Casino as Vegas. For instance, we have an extensive collectionof Video Poker titles and this is continually expanding bringing you moreversions of the games such as multi-hand games, progressive jackpots to playfor, and more. We also work to bring you more versions of Casino Poker, moreLive Dealer games, and so on. In short, no matter what your taste in games, weare confident that we already have plenty that appeals and that we will bereleasing plenty more new titles for you to enjoy.