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101 Roulette

101 Roulette

If you are looking for a way to turbo charge your roulette play then 101 Roulette is the game for you. While the

regular roulette wheel contains 37 numbered segments, this game's wheel features 101 numbered segments and four extra segments.

The gameplay itself is very similar to traditional roulette so you won't have to learn a whole new game. However, the payouts are potentially far bigger and you could win an absolute fortune from just one spin of the wheel.

101 Roulette

How To Play

Just like a traditional roulette game, 101 Roulette is based around the roulette wheel, just a much larger one. The wheel is divided into 105 segments, the four card suits and the numbers 0 to 101. Just as in regular roulette the numbers alternate between red and black and the zero (and card suits) are green.

Below the wheel is the betting area, it contains each individual wheel segment as well as a few further options. There is a segment for ‘Even', for ‘Odd', for Red and for Black. There are also segments that allow you to bet on each column.

Just as in regular roulette you can bet on individual numbers as well as groups of numbers on the betting area. Furthermore, there are two special features (described below) to help you quickly place bets on a large amount of numbers.

When you are happy with your bets you can click on ‘Spin' to set the ball in motion within the wheel. There are also buttons to help you quickly double your bet or place the same bet and set the wheel spinning once again.

Special Features and Payouts

The game has two special betting features. The Lucky Number bet will automatically bet on all numbers on all borders and corners of your chosen number. The Quick Bet will automatically bet on all numbers in the same row and column as your chosen number.

101 Roulette offers far larger payouts than regular roulette. While in regular roulette a Straight Up bet will payout at 35:1, in this game you can win 100:1! Furthermore, there are enhanced payout for a number of other types of bet such as Splits, Corners and Zero Corner bets.