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Dragon Jackpot Roulette

Dragon Jackpot Roulette

Game Description

Enjoy an oriental twist on traditional European Roulette. This game is the same as a standard roulette game but with two exciting twists that allow you to win big. Place the bonus chips to try and trigger the Dragon Bonus where you could win up to 744 times your bet and on any spin you could win one of four progressive jackpots.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette

How To Play

Just as in all roulette games, the aim is to predict where the ball will come to rest after it is released into the spinning roulette wheel. The game is played with a European Roulette wheel so there are 37 numbered segments (0 – 36) coloured red or black (except zero, which is green).

Below the wheel you can see the betting area. This allows you to place all of the standard Roulette bets. For instance, you can bet on large groups of numbers, such as all the red or black numbers, or small groups, such as all the bets in a column on the betting area. Simply place your chips on the relevant segment of the betting area.

If you want to place more advanced bets then the game offers a full Racetrack view. Just click on the small Racetrack that is above the regular betting area to open the Racetrack view. Here you can place bets such as Tier, Ophelins and Neighbour bets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Once you are happy with your bets click on ‘Spin' to release the ball into the wheel. The regular roulette payouts ranging from 1:1 up to 35:1 can be won depending on the bets placed.

Dragon Bonus

You can place the special Dragon Bonus chips on up to twelve numbers. If the ball then comes to rest on a number where you have placed a Dragon Bonus chip and a regular chip then the bonus game begins.

The bonus game has two stages, the outer wheel spin and the inner wheel spin. First you will spin the outer wheel and it can award 2 extra pointers for the inner wheel, double the multipliers on the inner wheel or simply move you straight on to the inner wheel. You will then spin the inner wheel and it can award one or more multipliers (depending on how many pointers there are). You will then win your triggering bet multiplied by the result. If you have won more than one multiplier then these will be added together.

Dragon Progressive Jackpot

The Dragon Jackpot game can be triggered after any spin of the roulette wheel and when it beings you are guaranteed to win one of four progressive jackpots. In the game you will see a wheel with ten positions on it. Each position has a coloured symbol that represents one of the four jackpots. You need to spin the wheel and collect the symbols. Once you have collected three matching symbols you win the corresponding jackpot.