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Wheel of Light

Wheel of Light

Game Description

Wheel of Light is a roulette-style game that gives you the chance to win big with every spin. Watch as the segments light up and see if you can predict which of them will be lit up when the wheel stops. You can bet on individual numbers, colours, ranges of numbers, and more, to make the game as exciting as possible.

Wheel of Light

How to Play

If you have ever played Roulette then you will find Wheel of Light very familiar. The game consists of a wheel that is divided into 31 segments and you bet on which segment will be lit up at the end of a spin.

A number of things expand the betting options. For starters, the numbers have different colours. The numbers 1 to 7 are blue, the numbers 8 to 21 are orange, the numbers 22 to 26 are green and the numbers 27 to 30 are red.

The colours combined with the game’s other features means that there are a number of different bets available:

  • A bet on an individual number
  • A bet on a colour
  • A bet on a number spread: 1-5, 6-13, 14-16, 17-23 or 24-30
  • A bet on Hi (16 – 30) or Lo (1 – 15) numbers
  • A bet on even or odd numbers

Once you have placed your bets just click on the spin button to set the wheel in motion.


The top payout of 30x is won by betting correctly on a specific number. A bet on blue can payout 4.28x, a bet on orange can payout 2.14x, a bet on green can payout 6x, and a bet on red can payout 7.5x. Betting on the spread 1 to 5 can pay 6x, 6 to 13 can pay 3.75x, 14 to 16 can pay 10x, 17 to 23 can pay 4.28x, and 24 to 30 can pay 4.28x. The Hi, Lo, Odd and Even bets can all pay 2x.