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Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions


  • The terms contained in this document ("Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions") apply to all promotional offers available through Our Online Casino (each a "Promotion") and, together with any applicable specific promotional terms, which may also be referred to as "Key Terms", set out on the individual web landing page for the relevant Promotion ("Specific Promotional Terms") and Our Terms of Use, and Privacy Statement(collectively, the Rules), form a legal agreement between You and Us and can only be amended with Our consent. By participating in any Promotion, You are indicating You accept and agree to be bound by the Rules.
  • You should check these Standard Promotional Terms and any applicable Specific Promotional Terms before participating in any Promotion.
  • In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Standard Promotional Terms, any applicable Specific Promotional Terms and the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Specific Promotional Terms shall prevail, followed by these Standard Promotional Terms, but only to the extent necessary to resolve such conflict or inconsistency.
  • The English language version of this agreement will prevail over any other language version issued by Us.

Using bonuses

  • When you accept a Bonus, you will play with your deposit first and then your bonus money. Winnings can be withdrawn once the wagering requirement specified in the Specific Promotional Terms has been completed. If a withdrawal is requested before the wagering requirement completion, deposit funds can be withdrawn but winnings are automatically forfeited.
  • All Bonuses must be fully wagered within 5 days from the time of acceptance or 30 days in the case of the welcome bonus (wagering period). If wagering is not met in the said period of time any winnings and / or bonus will be forfeited automatically.
  • Unless stated in a promotion, all bonuses are non-withdrawable / non-redeemable. It will automatically be removed on withdrawal request or on completion of the wagering period.

Release and withdrawal restrictions

Unless stated otherwise in the Specific Promotional Terms, certain release requirements or, where appropriate, withdrawal restrictions must be satisfied, in addition to the general eligibility criteria set out in the Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions, before a Bonus may be used, played with or, where appropriate, withdrawn, or as a condition of being eligible for a prize or to compete in a competition, or contest. Any such additional restrictions or requirements will be contained or referenced in the applicable Specific Promotional Terms. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following are the default wagering requirements:

  • Deposit Bonuses: 25 x (Deposit + Bonus)
  • Free Bonuses (bonuses that do not require a deposit): 35 x Bonus amount
  • Free Spins: 20 x Win amount
  • Roulette Golden Chips: 10 x Chip Value

Certain games will have a lower weighting than others, as detailed in the standard game stake contribution table below.

Standard Game stake contribution (applicable for all bonuses unless otherwise specified):

Game CategoryStake % Contribution
Slots (all varieties except progressive jackpot slots)100%
Scratch Cards100%
All progressive jackpot slots80%
Roulette (all varieties including Wild Vikings) *25%
Pai Gow (all varieties), Red Dog25%
Casino Hold'em (all varieties)20%
Arcade Games20%
Baccarat (all varieties)10%
All Live / TV games10%
All Blackjack games5%
Video Poker (all varieties)5%
Craps (all varieties), Sic Bo (all varieties)5%
All double options on slots & Video Poker (all varieties)0%

*High coverage Roulette bets (bet spread combinations covering 60% or more of the table) will contribute 0% towards the wagering requirements.

In the event that You withdraw funds in respect of which You have received a Bonus, without having met any applicable release requirements, withdrawal restrictions or general eligibility criteria, You shall forfeit the entire sum of the Bonus and any winnings resulting from this Bonus and We shall be entitled to deduct this from Your Account.

Please see bonus abuse policy below for maximum bets permitted with bonus money, deposits or winnings.

Maximum Win on Free Bonuses, Free Spins and Golden Chips that were not issued on deposit

The maximum win will be according to loyalty level/ deposit count at the time that the free bonus, free spin or golden chip was issued.

No deposit in account $100

Amber / Sapphire / Emerald / Ruby $250

Diamond $500

Black Diamond VIP $2500

Deposit Bonuses

  • Unless stated otherwise in the Specific Promotional Terms, the maximum bonus is $200.
  • Unless stated otherwise the Minimum Deposit is $20. This includes First Deposit offers and Welcome offers.

Free Spins

  • Casino Free Spins may be offered from time to time and comprise of a number of spins on certain "slot" games for free. The precise number of Free Spins granted shall be at Our absolute discretion and shall be subject to the additional terms set out herein. In order to view the slot games which offer Free Spins for the specific promotion ("Promoted Free Spin Games"), click FREE SPINS in the lobby balance breakdown in the download client or the "My Account" section in the web/mobile Client.
  • Wagering requirements are 20 x win amount unless otherwise specified.
  • Free spin win amount is only playable on the Promoted Free Spin Games until the wagering requirement is completed
  • Free Spin wagering requirement can be met by either:

a) wagering free spin winnings on the Promoted Free Spin Games only; or

b) wagering other funds in your account in accordance with the standard game stake contribution table specified above.

Roulette Golden Chips

The following games can be played with Golden Chips ("Roulette Golden Chip Games"): Classic Roulette, Premium American Roulette, Premium European Roulette, Premium French Roulette.

The default Golden Chip value is $0.25. Wagering requirements are 10 times the Golden Chip value unless otherwise stated

Golden Chip win amount is only playable on the Roulette Golden Chip Games the wagering requirement is completed

Wagering requirement can either be met by:

a) wagering Golden chip winnings on Roulette Golden Chip Games with a 25% stake contribution; or

b) wagering other funds in your account in accordance with the standard game stake contribution table specified above.

Free Spins and Free Bonuses on registration

In the event that an affiliate promoter offers free spins / free bonuses upon registration, only registrations from the following countries will be permitted in receiving this bonus:

Sweden, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Ireland.

  • The default wagering requirement for Free Spins upon registration is 40x Win Amount
  • The default wagering requirement for Free bonus upon registration is 50 x Bonus Amount
  • The maximum win or withdrawal on Free Spins or Free Bonus upon registration is $100. Any winnings above $100 will automatically be removed upon wagering completion.

Terms for Cashback offers

Unless otherwise specified in the specific terms and conditions, below are default terms and conditions for cashback offers.

  • Cashback is given on deposit losses at the end of the promotional period.
  • The minimum deposit that is needed in order to qualify for the cashback is $20.
  • Cashback is not awarded on any deposits that received a bonus of any kind.
  • The maximum cashback allowed is $200. Any further losses receive no cashback unless otherwise mentioned.
  • The following table shows the maximum bets allowed for cashback wagering. Any bets greater than these will not count towards losses for cash back or towards the wagering requirements:

Blackjack (per round) $50

Roulette Individual Numbers $10

Roulette Outside bets (even money and 2:1 bets) $100

Roulette (max. total bet per round) $200

Slots $12,5

Any other Game $25

Double Loyalty Points promotions

  • Every $10 wagered on promoted slot games, generate two loyalty points. Promoted games are tagged with ‘Double Point' labels.

Currency Equivalents

  • Maximum and Minimum Bonus / deposit / bets are valued by a base currency of GBP = EUR = USD = CAD = AUD = CHF; e.g., $300 = €300 = £300.
  • ZAR and SEK are calculated by base currency x 10.

Bonus Abuse Policy

Bonuses are given to enhance your enjoyment of our Online Casino through regular game play, and your use of any Bonuses is subject to Our review for abuse, we reserve the right to take the following action against players who we determine have abused our Promotions:

  • Block access to Bonuses and other Promotions
  • Remove a specific Bonuses and associated winnings
  • Enforce both of the above on associated accounts

The determination of what constitutes bonus abuse will be at Our discretion and also includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Using more than one Player Account
  • Wagering the bonus money on excluded games
  • Bonus stacking
  • Two tier betting
  • Two tier roulette betting
  • Multiple account strategy / proxy account strategy
  • Using a VPN or masking IP address
  • Affiliate CPA or revenue share abuse
  • A pattern of betting using bonus money, free spins or Golden Tickets in which a significant proportion of single bets are more than $6,25 in slots or more than $25 in table games.
  • A pattern of betting for cashback in which a significant proportion of single bets are more than $6,25 in slots or more than $25 in table games.
  • Irregular playing patterns. We consider low margin betting, equal betting, zero risk bets or hedge betting to be irregular gaming when deployed to exploit bonuses.