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Chinese Kitchen Slots

Chinese Kitchen

Game Description

If you enjoy traditional slots and fine cuisine then you are in for a treat playing Chinese Kitchen slots. This classic game is light on bonus features, but packed with delicious looking food, and offers the chance of some huge payouts.

Chinese Kitchen has just 3 reels; however, it has 8 paylines, far more than many classic slots. The reels are set in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant with crates of tasty looking morsels surrounding the chef. On the reels are symbols including starfish, octopus, duck, frog, caterpillar, fish, snails, crabs and turtles.

Chinese Kitchen


Chinese Kitchen does not have a wild symbol.


Chinese Kitchen does not have a scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

As a classic slot, Chinese Kitchen does not have any bonus features. However, it does have an unusual payline structure. The reels are a 3 x 3 grid so the paylines run vertically from top to bottom, horizontally from left to right and diagonally from the top left position to the bottom right and from the bottom left to the top right.


The turtle is the most valuable symbol and offers payouts of up to 1,000x. Landing three crabs or three snails will payout 200x, the frog offers payouts of 100x, the duck can payout up to 80x, the fish 40x, the caterpillar 30x, the octopus 20x and the starfish 10x. The crab is the easiest way to win payouts as it awards 2x if just one symbol lands and 10x if two symbols land. All the other symbols require three to land in order to payout.