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Classic Slots Scratch

Classic Slots Scratch

Game Description

Classic Slots Scratch combines the fun of slot machines with the excitement of scratch cards. Each round of the game gives you three chances to win. All you have to do is reveal the hidden symbols on each of the three slot machines and if you find three that match then you will win up to 10,000 times your bet.

Classic Slots Scratch

How to Play

At the start of a round, you need to set your card value and click on ‘Deal’. You then have to click on each of the three slot machines one at a time to reveal the three symbols hidden on them. You will also need to reveal the prize value associated with that machine, which is found below each of the machines. If you reveal three matching symbols on one machine then you will win the value shown underneath the machine. You can either reveal the machines one at a time or click on ‘Scratch All’ to reveal them simultaneously.

Before you start a game, you can click on ‘Shuffle’ to change which number scratch card you play. You can shuffle them up to three times before each game round. There is also Auto Play functionality allowing you to set up to 99 game rounds in motion. Then you can just sit back and enjoy watching the symbols being revealed automatically on the machines.


A random prize is assigned to each of the three slot machines on each scratch card and it can be anything up to 10,000 times the cost of the card.