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Crazy 7 Slots

Crazy 7

Game Description

There was a time when slot machines were simple games and pulling a lever to spin the reels was all that was required. This slot returns you to this era but will award you sizeable payouts as long as any three symbols land along the payline.

Crazy 7 is a 3 reel slot with just 1 row and a single payline. The game is designed to look like a traditional one-armed bandit slot machine with a colourful purple background. There are just three symbols, red, green and blue sevens.

Crazy 7



Crazy 7 has no wild symbol.


Crazy 7 has no scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

This is a highly traditional slot machine and as such it doesn't have any bonus features. However, if you land a mixture of any three ‘7' symbols along the payline then you will win a payout.


The payouts in Crazy 7 vary depending on the number of coins bet. When betting three coins landing three red 7s pays 400x, three green 7s pays 150x, three blue 7s pays 75x and a mixture pays 15x. When betting two coins landing three red 7s pays 200x, three green 7s pays 100x, three blue 7s pays 50x and a mixture pays 10x. When betting one coin landing three red 7s pays 100x, three green 7s pays 50x, three blue 7s pays 25x and a mixture pays 5x.