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Final Score slots

Final Score

Game Description

If you love football and betting on your favourite team then Final Score is the game for you. Simply pick your favourite major European league and then which two teams you want to play each other. You can then place bets on the outcome of the match and with a bit of luck, this will lead to some huge winnings. There are different types of bets available to place and of course, a great deal of information available to help you place informed bets. Therefore, with a bit of luck, you will soon be enjoying some big winnings.

Final Score

How to Play

When you first open the game, you will be asked to choose which league you want to play; the leagues are divided by country. In England, you can choose Premiership, Championship, Division 1 and Division 2. In Scotland, you can choose Premier League, Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3. In addition, the top leagues from France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey are available. Once you have picked your league, you will then be asked to choose which two teams will play each other.

Next, you need to place your bets. There are four types of bet, match bet, correct score bet, total goals bet and special bet. Match bet is a bet that either the home side or the away side will win the match or that it will end in a draw. The different match bet options are in the Match Betting area. The Correct Score bet is a bet that the match will end with a certain score line. To place a correct score bet, choose one or more of the scorelines under the Home To Win, Draw and Away To Win headings in the Correct Score Betting area. You can use the ‘Other’ betting option to cover outcomes that are not listed. For example, if you choose the ‘Other’ option under the Draw heading and the match ends 5-5 then you have won. A Total Goals bet is a bet on the number of total goals that will be scored by the two teams, regardless of who scored them or who won the match. To place a Total Goals bet; choose one or more of the options in the Total Goals betting area. If you select ‘Specials’ then you are betting on a particular event happening during the match. It does not matter if the special event happens once or more during a match. To place special bets, choose one or more of the options in the Specials betting area.

You can see the odds for the different bets in the lower right part of the game. You can choose to see the odds as fractions or in decimal format. The odds are adjusted based upon which teams are playing and also whether a team is playing home or away.

When you are happy with your bets click on ‘Bet Now’ to start the football match. You will see animations in the middle of the game window when an important game event happens, for example if one team scores a goal or if a red card is shown to a player. The game events are also listed chronologically in the lower middle part of the game window. If you want to speed up the game then you can skip the match and see the results instantly by clicking ‘Full Time’ to the right of the time counter.

The box left of the match timer shows whether any of the special events have occurred. If any of the symbols in this box are coloured, a special event has occurred:

  • X symbol = penalty miss
  • Tick symbol = penalty scored
  • Plus symbol = injury time goal scored
  • Rectangle symbol = red card shown

If you win your bets then you have the chance to play a bonus round. This is a gamble feature in which you need to guess whether a penalty will be scored. If you guess correctly then your winnings will be doubled, otherwise you will lose them.