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Medusa's Gaze Slots

Medusa's Gaze

Game Description

Medusa was the Gorgon monster with snakes in place of hair who would turn anyone that looked directly into her eyes to stone. In this arcade slot, it is the symbols that she will be turning to stone in order to help you win big. As she does so, it will lead to collapsing symbols and ever-increasing payout multipliers.

Rather than using reels and traditional paylines, Medusa’s Gaze features a large coloured disc in the centre of the screen that is made up of four concentric circles. Medusa’s head is in the middle of the disc and around the disc are pillars and stone heroes in Medusa’s lair. There are twelve paylines that run through the discs and the idea is to land matching symbols on these paylines. The game’s symbols are different coloured blocks, gold, purple, yellow, pink light blue, light purple, green, and brown.

Medusa's Gaze


There is a white block wild symbol and it will substitute for all of the other blocks to help and form winning combinations.


The game does not have a scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

When you land one or more winning combinations then Medusa turns on her gaze to turn them to stone. The stone symbols then drop out of the disc and more blocks will move in from the right to fill the gaps. With a bit of luck, this will form more winning combinations and the process will repeat itself. Better yet, each time this happens the payout multiplier will increase by 1x with no maximum.


Medusa’s Gaze has a top payout of 10,000x for landing eight gold blocks on a payline. The purple block can payout up to 7,500x, the yellow block up to 5,000x, the pink block up to 2,000x, the light blue block up to 1,000x, the light purple block up to 500x, the green block up to 250x, and the brown block up to 150x.