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Neptune's Kingdom Slots

Neptune's Kingdom

Game Description

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea and you are invited to his kingdom in this classic slot. As you dive beneath the waves, you may find great treasures on the seabed, which can translate to huge winnings.

Neptune’s Kingdom is a 3 reel slot with up to 5 paylines. The game takes place underwater with Neptune’s face and trident above the reels and a ship in the distance. All of the game’s symbols are related to the theme and include treasure chests, mermaids, tridents, blue fish, lobsters, and orange fish. 

Neptune's Kingdom


There is no wild symbol.


There is no scatter symbol.

Bonus Features 

Neptune’s Kingdom is a true classic slot and as such, it does not have any bonus features. All you need to do is set your bet and click on spin. 


Neptune’s Kingdom offers a huge top payout of 150x for landing three chests along the fifth payline. On the fourth payline the chests pay 130x, on the third they pay 120x, on the second they pay 110x and on the first they pay 100x. The mermaid can payout 50x, the tridents 40x, the blue fish 30x, the lobsters 25x, and the orange fish 20x.