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Pixel Samurai Slots

Pixel Samurai

Game Description

The Samurai are well known for their great skill and bravery, now you can join them on an action packed adventure where each spin can lead to multiple wins and with a bit of luck you will also win a huge progressive jackpot.

Pixel Samurai is an arcade slot that takes place on a 4 x 5 grid of symbols. Behind the grid you can see a Japanese landscape complete with temples and other traditional buildings under a dark purple sky. The slot has six themed symbols, the Red Samurai, the Blue Lady, Subzero, the Yellow Monk, the Purple Sumo and the Green Robin. Payouts are won by landing groups of five or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically on the grid.

Pixel Samurai



Pixel Samurai does not have a wild symbol.


Pixel Samurai does not have a scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

Pixel Samurai features collapsing reels. This means that every time that you land a winning combination on the reels the symbols involved in that win will disappear. This allows more symbols to fall from above and hopefully form another win. The process can repeat itself indefinitely and this way you can land numerous wins from a single spin.

The slot is also linked to the Pixel Samurai progressive jackpot. A great feature of this jackpot is that you can play for different percentages of it by varying the size of your bet and this way players of all sized budgets have a chance of landing a big win. It is possible to play for 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% or the entire jackpot. The jackpot is won simply by landing a group of eight or more Red Samurai symbols.


In addition to the progressive jackpot Pixel Samurai offers a top payout of 5,000x for landing sixteen or more Blue Lady symbols in a group. Subzero can payout up to 1,000x, the Yellow Monk can payout up to 500x, the Purple Sumo can payout up to 100x and the Green Robin can payout up to 50x.