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Safecracker Slots


Game Description

Prepare to carry out the heist of the century. As you attempt to crack open the safe you could win big with a bonus game and inside you may even find a progressive jackpot. 

Safe Cracker is a 3 reel slot with just one payline. The reels are part of the giant safe door that is adorned with some complex looking wiring and flashing lights. All of the game’s symbols are linked to the theme and they include banknotes, explosives, a drill, a crowbar, a lock, and a golden key. 



There is no wild symbol. 


There is no scatter symbol.

Bonus Features 

Safe Cracker slot offers you the chance to win a progressive jackpot. To be in with a chance of winning then you need to bet the maximum of three coins per spin. You can then win the jackpot simply by landing three of the banknote symbols on the payline. 

The slot also has a bonus game. The golden key is the bonus symbol and when three of them land on the reels simultaneously, the game begins. You are taken to a room containing ten safety deposit boxes. Seven of these boxes will contain cash prizes while the remaining three are alarmed. You need to pick from the boxes to find the cash prize, and the game continues until you set off an alarm. 


In addition to the progressive jackpot there is a top fixed payout of 4,000x up for grabs for landing three of the banknote symbols when playing with two coins bet, with one coin bet it will payout 2,0000x. The explosives can payout up to 300x, the drill can payout up to 225x, the crowbar can payout up to 150x and the lock can payout up to 75x.