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Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Slots

Sorcerer's Guild of Magic

Game Description 

Enter a world of magic in this game that is full of mystery. As you spin the reels, there are five different sorcerers that can land on the reels and each will award a different bonus. They will help you with extra wilds, payout multipliers, increased paylines, removing low value symbols, and more.  

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows and 10 fixed paylines in the base game. The reels are set in the sorcerer’s library and there is a glass orb above each reel, which forms part of the bonus features. All of the symbols are thematic and they include the sorcerer, a pink pendant, a gold necklace, a pair of earrings, and a ring. The lower value symbols are potions coloured red, blue, purple and light blue.  

Sorcerer's Guild of Magic


The four pieces of jewellery can all become wild symbols as part of the bonus feature. When they do, they will substitute for all of the other symbols, except the sorcerer symbols, to help and form winging combinations.  


There are five different sorcerer scatter bonus symbols.  

Bonus Features   

Any sorcerer that lands on the reels will award a respin with that sorcerer’s bonus active. There are five different sorcerers, each with its own bonus, and it is possible to trigger multiple features simultaneously. The bonuses are as follows: 

  • The Nature Sorcerer – Can land on the first reel and when he does, he will turn one of the four jewellery symbols wild for the subsequent respins.  
  • Fire Sorcerer – Can land on the second reel and will award a payout multiplier of up to x10 for the respin. 
  • Wind Sorcerer – Can land on the third reel and will increase the number of paylines to 20 for the respin. 
  • Water Sorcerer – Can land on the fourth reel and will remove one of the lower value potion symbols for the respin. 
  • Arcane Sorcerer – Can land on the fifth reel and then boosts one of the other sorcerer’s powers. If it lands with the Nature Sorcerer, then two symbols become wild, with the Fire Sorcerer, it will double the multiplier, with the Wind Sorcerer, it makes the paylines bidirectional, and with the Water Sorcerer, it will remove a second low value symbol.  


The wild symbols offer the top payout of 500x when five land along a payline. The female sorcerer can payout up to 250x, the pendant can payout up to 200x, the necklace can payout up to 150x, the earrings can payout up to 100x, and the ring can payout up to 50x. The light blue and purple potions can both payout up to 60x, while the red and blue potions can both payout up to 50x.