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Sweet Party Slots

Sweet Party

Game Description

Give yourself a sugar rush playing this slot packed with sweets and you could win big thanks to cascading reels and a huge progressive jackpot.

Sweet Party is a 5 reel slot and rather than featuring traditional paylines it offers payouts when groups of symbols land on the reels. The groups can be formed horizontally or vertically and the more symbols in the group the more you win. The reels are designed to look like a vending machine set against a backdrop of blue skies and green fields and the symbols are a range of sweets including jellybeans, gummi bears and gobstoppers.

Sweet Party



Sweet Party doesn't feature a wild symbol.


Sweet Party doesn't feature a scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

The slot features cascading reels so every time you land a winning combination the symbols involved will disappear and allow more to fall onto the reels. Hopefully this will form another win and the process will repeat itself. This way it is possible to land multiple wins from a single spin.

You want to keep an eye out for the red and white gobstopper symbols. If you land a group of eight or more of them then you will win the huge progressive jackpot. To play for the entire jackpot you need to bet £10 a spin, however, you can win 50% when betting £5, 20% when betting £2 and 10% when betting £1.


In addition to the progressive jackpot, Sweet Party offers a huge fixed top payout of 5,000x for landing a group of 16 gummi bear symbols. Landing 7 gobstoppers will payout 2,000x, landing 16 stars will payout 1,000x, landing 16 balls will payout 500x, 16 beans will payout 100x and 16 yellow rings will payout 50x.