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2 Ways Royal

2 Ways Royal

2 Ways Royal is an exciting video poker game that is based upon the ever popular Jacks or Better. However, it offers two ways to win the maximum payout. There are two kinds of Royal Flush, a Hi Royal Flush and a Lo Royal Flush.

2 Ways Royal


How To Play 

2 Ways Royal is very simple to play. First you need to select your coin size using the controls on the bottom left of the screen. Then you need to decide how many coins to bet per hand, between one and five.  

The number of coins bet determines what payout level you are playing for. You can see this in the paytable above the cards. Betting one coin per hand means that you are playing for the first column, two coins for the second column and so on. When you are happy with your bet, you need to click on ‘Deal’. If you want to quickly bet five coins and deal the cards then just click on ‘Bet Max’. 

You are then dealt five face up cards and need to decide which of them you want to Hold. Once you have decided click on ‘Deal’ once again and the remaining cards will be replaced. You will then be paid out according to the hand that you have formed. 

The lowest paying hand is a pair of Jacks or better. The hands then progress through the standard poker hands of Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind and Straight Flush.  

It is at this point that the game comes into its own. Rather than just offering a standard Royal Flush there are two forms of the hand. The Hi Royal Flush is the standard 10, J, Q, K and A in the same suit. The Lo Royal Flush is the cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the same suit. Both of these have the potential to payout up to a massive 4,000x depending on the number of coins bet. 

A great feature of 2 Ways Royal is that after every winning hand you have the option to Double or Double Half. This means that you can risk all your winnings to try to double the money or risk just half your winnings. If you choose either of these options, you are shown a face up card and need to pick from four facedown cards to try to find one that is higher in value. If you are successful, you can continue to repeat this until you reach the double up limit.  


The payouts change according to how many coins you have bet. If you are betting one coin per hand then Jacks or Better pays 1x, Two Pairs pays 2x, Three of a Kind pays 3x, Straight pays 4x, Flush pays 5x, Full House pays 6x, Four of a Kind pays 40x, Straight Flush pays 50x, Lo Royal Flush pays 250x, and Hi Royal Flush pays 250x.  

If you are playing with more than one coin the payouts are multiplied by how many coins your have bet. For instance, if you are playing with three coins then a Flush would pay 15x (3 x 5). This rule is true for all hands except the Lo Royal Flush and the Hi Royal Flush. If you bet the maximum of 5 coins per round then they will both payout 4000x. Therefore, to win the biggest payouts be sure to always bet five coins.